Andrea Daly

Likes:           Fries, chocolate, pizza and video games

Don’t like:   Animals, lies, thunders and slow car drivers (for real)

Jhon Scarso

Likes:          Dogs, rain, calzone, video games and gadgets

Don’t Like: Two-faced people, lies, cats, sun, liver and soup


Carlos Daly
Content Creator / Concept Developer / Photographer

Likes:         His Nikon, GOT, his beard, badonkadonks, cargo pants and Daddy Yankee (shaky, shaky, shaky)

Don’t like: Sleep, daylight, boots and tight stuffs (no pun intended)

Jhon Scarzo
Social Media Manager / Cameraman

  • Engineering and Computational mathematics
  • Junior Audio Producer
  • Videographer
  • Electronics enthusiast

Likes:         LOL (the game), video games, movies, Nutella, ice cream, pasta, hot-mammas

Don’t Like: Gossip people, eternal respawn, cut his hair

Valentina Landaeta
Social Media Manager / Content Writer

  • Bachelor Degree in Journalism
  • Fashion Specialist

Likes:          Sushi, traveling, footwear, money and baby animals

Don’t like:  Vegetables, any vehicle in motion, belts, no pay days and spiders (oh gosh, so many things)